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    New Leaf Estate Sales and Appraisals, a bonded and insured company, specializes in estate, downsizing, moving, and liquidation sales. We handle everything, start to finish; staging, researching, pricing, and advertising. We leave behind an empty house that is broom swept and ready for our clients to move on to the next stage.

About Us

Stephen Spicer has 25 years experience in the jewelry industry accessing gemstones, minerals, fossils, and coins. With 10+ years buying and selling antiques, and working for a local estate sale company, you can feel confident that your sale will be conducted in a professional, and personal, manner. From a small downsizing sale, to larger estate sales, including everything from cleaning supplies, linens, dishes, and cookware, to collections, fine jewelry, and autos, Stephen’s hard work and integrity will ensure that your sale will be successful.

Our Services

Initial Consult

Our first meeting is designed to help you understand the process, start to finish. This is a pressure free meeting where we evaluate the potential outcome for your sale, discuss our fee structure, a timeframe, how set-up works, advertising, and
your goals for after the sale. At this point, we also discuss items to be kept by the family.

Preparations for the Sale

After we receive your signed contract, we begin the set up process, and will display, research, price each item,
photograph, and advertise the sale through multiple platforms. 

During the Sale

During the Sale:
Our knowledgeable and dependable staff will be there to help the customers, answering questions, completing the sales, and
assisting with purchases.

After the Sale

We offer options to take care of the things that may be left over when the sale is complete. From buyouts, auctions, donations, and haul off, our goal is to leave behind an empty house that is broom swept and ready for you to move on.

Current Sales

Current Sales

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This depends on the size of the sale. Generally, set up, which includes pricing, photographing, and advertising, can take anywhere from a week to 2 months. From there, the sale takes place over a 3-4 day period, with final payment to the client within two weeks after the sale is complete.

What we do before the sale:
After the contract is signed, and before the sale takes place, we recommend that nothing be disposed of prior to NLA entering the premises for set up. One person’s trash is, truly, another person’s treasure. Most things CAN be sold, including opened bottles of cleaners, cosmetics, spices, and the like. NLA will stage the complete contents of the house, displaying clearly priced items to encourage sales, with small valuable items presented in locked glass cases. Finally, photographs are taken for advertising purposes.

During the sale:
Our staff will be available to assist and answer customer questions to encourage sales. As items are purchased, our goal is to keep displays and rooms looking attractive to stimulate
more sales. Because it can be stressful to see your family’s items being handled by, and sold to, other people, we encourage immediate family members to not attend the sale.

Our goal is to sell everything and have an empty house, but that doesn’t always happen; there are options. During the initial consultation, we offer a variety of choices, from charities and auctions, to buyouts and haul off.

Our commission is a variable rate based on gross sales; the higher the gross sales, the lower the commission, starting as low as 35%. By doing a commissioned base sale, it is in our best interest that your sale be a success!

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Reaching out for help during a transition is tough. But allowing our team to professionally manage the sale, clear out closets, totes, drawers, research, price, advertise, market the sale, and stage your home will bring you better results and take that heavy lifting off your list.

We leave your home swept clean and ready for the next step. And you get a clean slate and a check for your next chapter.

Our reputation is excellent. Please research us. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Contact us today. We will set up an initial walk through with you and explain the next steps.

We appreciate your trust, and we will make your sale special.